Bronze - NY Festivals
Best Integrated Campaign

First Inflight Interactive Campaign

ECD, OgilvyOne UK
Wimbledon is a small business for 338 days/year, but for 2 weeks it is a world event. To demonstrate how IBM OnDemand technology allows them to scale up, we deployed a campaign where the events’ real time results were displayed in as many touchpoints as possible, including - for the first time ever - scores right to your airplane inflight entertainment system.
The full campaign can be seen here >
Grand Prix & Best B2B - Revolution Awards

First Livecast on Display Ads

ECD, OgilvyOne UK
A live webcast to a banner allowed users to see and hear Cisco’s chief security solutions officer talk about the subject on real time, along with the capability for registered users to send their question for him to answer though an Instant Messenger engine.
The full campaign can be seen here >

First Virtual Sampling Website

CD, Modem Media
For the first time on the Internet, this website allowed sampling of AT&T products and services, such as International Redial, testimonials.They could also virtually use the AT&T Paging Service, by sending messages to a real pager attached to a web camera, which would then post the images to the website. This area of the site became also the first Virtual Chat room, with hundreds of thousands of messages sent between users.